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Stanislav Ianevski's Bulgarian Circus o' Fun!

A graphics community dedicated to Stanislav Ianevski!

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All Members , Moderated
What is this community for?

This community was created so that everyone can show off all of their lovely Stanislav Ianevski Graphics!

That means that you can post icons, friends-only banners, colorbars, wallpapers...

ANYTHING that is considered a graphic that you made yourself.

What is not allowed in the community:

This is a GRAPHICS ONLY community. That means NO regular pictures, NO Stanislav news, NOTHING but graphics are allowed.

If you want to post any of that kind of information, please do it here:


Community Rules:

-Icons: Please post no more than a couple teasers. After that you must post an LJ cut to the rest of the icons.
-Wallpapers: previews required, please lj-cut, direct link the url, or link to your journal for the full size.
-Other graphics: previews are optional, please lj-cut or link to your journal.
-Please credit graphic makers when using their graphics.
-Please comment when taking a graphic, it is the nice thing to do!
-These rules may be changed at any moment. When and if they are changed, I will notify the community.

Community Creator: kawaiikoneko81